What is #ZeroWaste?

The ‘Zero Waste’ movement champions the 5Rs – ‘Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot’, and encourages that we practice refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling waste in our daily lives. 'Rot’ refers to the anaerobic digestion of food waste.

The key to a zero-waste lifestyle lies in the decisions we make. Hence, it is imperative that we evaluate the consequences of each decision before making one.

In 2017, we introduced the option to be a ‘Zero Waste Runner’ at Income Eco Run, to encourage waste minimisation and promote recycling as a collective movement in Singapore. As a ‘Zero Waste Runner’, one pledges to run towards zero waste in a bid for a greener planet by refusing to opt in for race entitlements such as the 21.1km Half Marathon finisher tee, race pack and race medals.

Support for this has grown over the last two years. In 2018, we saw an increase of 15% more ‘Zero Waste Runners’ as compared to the year before. In 2019, we launched our first 5km Zero Waste Run, which had all runners in the category using light and handy reusable cups, making hydration stations at this category 100% paper cup free.

As with every year, we will be collecting all banana peels post-race and sending them to a local food digester. This hastens the ‘rotting’ process, and keeps contained the harmful gases produced through decomposition, significantly reducing the effects of climate change.

To ramp up our Zero Waste efforts in 2020, all runners will receive reusable produce bags containing their refreshments at the finish point, to demonstrate its use. These bags are in line with our efforts to reduce plastic usage on regular grocery runs, as it replaces single-use plastics used to store loose produce. On top of that, we’ll also go bib-free at the 5km Zero Waste Run and the Cool Kids Dash. Runners at these categories will have their bib numbers printed on their race singlets.